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Real Estate

Denver Metropolitan area sees a 31% drop in inventory since last year.  Whether it is COVID-19 brain, pre-election uncertainties or just a need to just curl up, we are seeing the mental stall. The fall out of 2020 to date, has influenced each one of us in such an individual ways. Choices are becoming increasingly more personal and reflective. 

The disruption in the levels of inventory in the market will continue as long as there exists personal fear in people. I have gone through 2 recessions, 9-ll and all the horrible tragedies that affect the buying and selling public. There is nothing that even comes close to the 2020 Pandemic. So yes, our market is moving like lightening because there is high demand, low inventory. It will stop. These inventory numbers to me reflect what is happening our lives. The more out lives normalize, the more inventory we will have.

So why is the market even moving in these times?  The NEED to do something, is more of a motivator, than the WANT to do something.